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Star War The Old Republic Game Full Version Download For PC

Star War The Old Republic Game Download PC

Star War The Old Republic: Can you an Online multiplayer game. Here we are going to providing Google drive link for download Star War the old republic game full version. This game is developed by Bioware. The game was released in the year 2018 of 1st October. You can play this game on your Windows PC. And if you have any of Windows version such as Windows 7/8/831 or 10 then you can easily play SWTOR game on your PC.

Here we share everything of this game such as feature, download link, installation guide and much more. So you have to read this article carefully. So now first we are going to move for providing the feature list of the game. So go below and check this cool feature of the game. And also tell us if we miss anyone.

Features Of Star War The Old Republic Game

Following are the amazing and best one listed features of the game. So read the game feature list and then go to download Star War The Old Republic game for PC device with a full version.

Direct Google drive link for download.
Easy to play.
Best online multiplayer game.
Support Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

Download Star War The Old Republic Game Full Version For PC

Here below we share the link for Download Star War The Old Republic Game Full Version For PC Devices. This game supports most of all version Of Windows Operating system. This game Support Windows 8/8.1/7 as well as Windows 10. So if you have of this system then download Star War The Old Republic Game for PC.


Alternative Link:

Final Verdict For SWTOR

Here we move to stop our writing. Here our intention is only to share the workable link for download Star War The Old Republic Game For PC Device. And here we complete our task. And if you want any other links for Download PC Game then you can make comment on this site. And also share this game post with your gaming friends. Thank You.

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Destiny 2 PC Download Free Full Version | Official 2018

Destiny 2 Game Free Download

Destiny 2 PC Download: Can you want another fabulous online multiplayer first-person shooting game then stay here. Because here we are going for sharing another new PC game whose name is Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is a type of first-person shooter game. This game is developed for all platforms such as for PS4, Microsoft Windows and also for Xbox One. A game is developed by Bungie team and published by Activision team. So if you Destiny 2 free download link then visits download section. Here we share this full version of the game for Windows PC devices only. 


So if you are Windows computer or PC user then download destiny 2 free version from the download section. But if you want to play this game on your Windows device then you need an internet connection for it. Because this game is online and also support multiplayer game mode. Now let's read the next section of Destiny 2 Gameplay section.

Destiny 2 Game Spec List:

Title: Destiny 2 Game
Developer: Bungie team
Published Under: Activision Team
Cost: Zero
Platform: Windows PC

Destiny 2 Gameplay And Review Wih Video Tutorial

Now here we are going for the talk of the Destiny 2 Gameplay. Yes, here we give you full gameplay of Destiny 2 PC game. So if you want to play destiny 2 online games on your PC then first check out this section that describes the gameplay of the game. So let's begin the discussion for it. So now see the video which is given below.

Features Of Destiny 2 PC Game

Following are the best and fabulous features of Destiny 2 PC game. So scroll download and read this all features with passion.

  • Just another best First-Person Shooting Game.
  • Best environment to enjoy shotting experience.
  • New and great weaponry.
  • No cost for download
  • Available for all such as Xbox One, PS4 And also for Windows PC users.
  • Amazing graphics level.
  • Boosting sound effects.

Destin 2 PC Game System Requirements

Windows OS Version: Windows 8/7/8.1/10
Processor: Intel process i5/i7 or any Equivalent Process of AMD.
PC HDD: 30 GB HDD Free Storage
Memory: Minimum_6 GB 
Direct X Version: 11.0
Video_Card: Nvidia 560(GTX) Or OR 850R7 AMD (Radieon)

Download Destiny 2 PC Game Full Version

Now go with below pure and safe link for Download Destiny 2 PC Game Full Version. Here we provide you scan and malware free safe link for Destiny 2 PC Game Free Download. So if you, unfortunately, get any probs then tell us to improve the efficiency. So go now with below link.

Conclusion For Destiny 2 PC Download

Here we give Destiny 2 PC Download link with all things. So if you like this game article then share it with your group of social media. And also give your feedback to this post. Keep visiting for more  Free PC games.Thank you.
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Top Free PC Games Download | 2018

Top Free PC Games

If you want to know the name of the Latest PC Games then here we are going to share the top Free PC Games in this post. So if you are interested in Free PC games to download then read this gaming latest post with passion. Because here we share the free PC games name so you can enjoy it on your PC.

If you love to enjoy PC games then read this article because in this we post we give you top PC games list. So check out this below-given list of top PC games. And if you like to download more PC games then you can also able to put your comment in this post. Check this Best Laptop Under Rs 30,000.


1). GTA 5

And if you like to download this games. Then first you need to check out this PC requirement to install this top PC games. Because this game requires too much RAM and HDD Space and also need a good graphics card. So if you go to download then first check this requirement.

Note: Here we share this free PC games list and if you go with more PC games download then tell your game to us. we share it here fast much as possible. 

Final Sentance For Free PC Game

And we are going to complete this top PC games article. And if you like to download new PC games then give your request to us. And don't forget to make this top PC games list virally. Thank you.

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Mini Militia 3.0.27 For IOS & Android l latest 2017 Free Download

Download Free Mini Militia 3.0.27 For IOS and Android latest 2017:

Mini Militia 3.0.27: Hello friends, In my last article I will show you how to play Mini Militia on PC/Laptop.Now In this article, I will give you latest version of Mini Militia For IOS and Android.Mini Militia 3.0.27 recently released. I will give you  direct download link for Mini Militia 3.0.27 so you can download it free. 

Before Downloading Mini Militia 3.0.27 read what new change in Mini Militia 3.0.27.

What's New in Mini Militia 3.0.27

  • Fixed Pro Pack Trial feature not showing up (partnered with FOUR new ad networks to replace the ONE that stopped working.)
  • Fixes for several crashes caused by a slow network.
  • Fixed Quick Play map vote not showing after reading up.
  • Added tracking of service unreachable and '-1' errors. A better error will show in most places to help us aid you.
  • Added auto-retry to log in.
  • Shifted banner ad to right of display to open up more chat area.
  • Account banning is live.  
Download the latest version of Mini Militia for IOS and Android From Following Download link.

Download Mini Militia 3.0.27 For IOS


Download Mini Militia 3.0.27 For Android


Keep visiting For more News and Mods of Mini Militia and if you want more then drop your comment bellow.

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Note: Remember All Tricks And Mod Apps Only for the Education Purpose and is not intended to affect any company or organization or android developers. Thanks!

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Mini Militia Mod: Download mini militia mega mod 3.0.27 one shot kill | update 2017

Download Mini Militia Mega Mod App Free with one shot kill feature (no root) | update 2017

Mini Militia: As we know Mini Militia is one of the most popular, viral and amazing action android game. This game is truly amazing and I also like to play it with my friends. This game has lots of active users and it becomes most popular in the world. This game breaks down all game market and becomes so much popular in the world. This Game has to play mod. First one is you can play this game online with your friends. And the second one is an offline mode. In offline mode it will use your device hotspot feature to connect other devices.
If you want to play this game online with your friends only then you have one option known as custom play. In custom play option you need to create a private server. And you also able to assign a password to your server. There are many servers are available like Battlezone killo etc. After creating a server just give your server name and password to your buddies to join your server. Now here we are going to give you latest Mini Militia Mega Mod Hack apk


Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk: Hello Friends, Now in this post I will give you the direct download link of Mega Mod Game and also show you it's featured. If you already know the features of this mod app then simply go below and download it. In my last post, I will give you many other mods of this game. Now in this post, I will give you Mega Mod App with its full feature and I will show you what is different between a mega mod app and unlimited health mod App? This both mod apk has almost same features and doesn't require root. Both mods have unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro, and unlimited flying power but the main difference is unlimited health mod has unlimited life means if you use unlimited health mod then you can get unlimited health and no one kill you. While mega mod has no such feature of unlimited health.But mega mod has many other interesting features like all play store items are unlocked, unlimited ammo and nitro and much more.I list it's all features below and also give you its safe download link. But before download, it, read it's  interesting features.


Features of Mega Mod App

  • Added the unlimited nitro and ammo with flying power.
  • One Shot Kill is a Best added (High damage bullets for that use sniffer gun).
  • New maps are added now.
  • New guns are available.
  • New shields, skins & weapons added.
  • Pro pack unlocked now.
  • All store items are unlocked now.
  • Transparent Bush.
  • A dual gun bug is fixed.

Click on bellow download button to start your download.


Remember All Tricks And Mod Apps Only for the Education Purpose and is not intended to affect any company or organization or Android developers.If you any query about Mini Militia Mod App or if you want any other Game mods then drop your comment bellow or contact me directly. Also see, latest new mod apk.

In my next post, I will give you many more tips and tricks to become a pro player so keep visiting Also visit mini militia pro.

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3).unlimited health mod app for Android

Final words:
Now in the last, we are going to say you something about the mod application. As we know the mod application is edited application by anyone and it is not an official version so we clarified that this application is just for education purpose. So, download Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk From this article and enjoy the mod application and stay tuned with us for the other mod application.Thank You! See read article of Blue whale.

In this article, we give our best to you so Friends, If you have any type of query or suggestion related to Mini Militia Mod Apk then give your suggestion to us. We will give our best to give you answer to your question.

Mini Militia Hack Download With Custom Play latest 2017

Mini Militia Hack APK latest 2017 with Video Tutorial

Mini Militia Hack: Download Mini Militia Hack APK latest version from this article. Go below for the download link. Before downloading read it's featured. This mod has unlimited ammo, nitro, flying power, and one shot kill feature(high damage bullets for that use sniffer guns). In this article, I am also showing you how to create a private server for custom play with social group friend circle.


Note: uninstall the previous install Mini Militia Games before installing this Hack version.

Mini Militia Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Health Mod + One Shot Kill Feature(High damage bullets) Also check: Mini Militia Mod Apk
  • Ultra God Mod Apk.
  • Pro Pack(Unlock all Store Item)
  • Mega Mod Apk
  • One Shot Kill Mod Game.
  • Unlimited ammo.
  • Unlimited Nitro.
  • and much more.
Video Tutorial For How to Download Unlimited Health Mod:

Custom Play With Social  Group Friends(Like Whatsapp, Facebook)

Now I am going to show you how to play Mini Militia Game with your social group Friends like Whatsapp, Facebook etc.Now a day this game become most popular and famous. Many People play this game online with unknown people. If you want to play this game with your friend circle then it is possible.  It provides you private server for this. You need to just create a social group and then create your own server. If you want to set a password to that server then you can. If your friends want to join the server then give your server password. Also, visit india gossip.

Video For How to Create private Room or server: 

 To create a server Follow the bellow given steps.

1. Create an online group in a social App(Whatsapp/ Facebook/ hike) with the friends you wish to play a game.
2. Make sure all of your friends are available online for play.
3. choose Multiplayer for custom play with your friend's group.

custom play

4. Then Tap on Custom option.

5. Now a list of available servers will be loading on your device screen.

6. Pick any one of the servers from the list(Select any one). In my case, I have chosen "Battlezone Kilo".


7. On selecting JOIN you will end up in a page where you need to host a new game.

8. Tap on "HOST" menu it will prompt you for a NAME of the game. 

9. Give any custom name which will be easy to share with your social friends on the social group. 

10. Once done you will now be able to see the game dashboard.

11. It's all set now. It's time to ask your friends to join the game. Just go to the social app group which you created with your selected friends and share the server name and the name of the game which you hosted.

12. Once everyone joins start enjoying the play with your group friends.

13. You can also set "Password" to protect your game from other players.

14. To do so, just tap on the Lock symbol at the bottom right of the game screen. Then enter a custom password for protection.

15. Then, you may share the password with your group friends to avoid strangers in your gameplay.

download btn

About Doodle Army 2: 

Mini Militia becomes a most popular and most famous game in today's time. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia (DA2) is a free-to-play 2D shooter game released for iOS and Android devices. The game was released for iOS devices on April 5, 2011, and on for Android device on March 18, 2015.

Gameplay-How to play Doodle Army 2:

Doodle Army 2 has three game modes: training mode, survival mode, and multiplayer mode.

     1.Training Mode:
In this game mode, the player gets training at Officer Candidate school by a trainer named Sarge.Sarge teaches the basics of movements, control & weapon usages with some targets and the use of rocket boots.

    2.Survival Mode:
In Survival mode, Sarge, the trainer brings the player into the battlefield where the player must defend themselves against weaponized robots with the help of Sarge. Various weapons can be obtained from destroying the robots, including the shotgun, Desert Eagle, Uzi, Revolver, MP5, AK-47, M4, M93BA, SMAW, machete, and frag, proximity, gas grenades.

    3.Multiplayer Mode:
The multiplayer PvP mode features both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cross-platform connectivity and supports up to 6 players in each server.Wi-Fi multiplayer can either be on a local area network (LAN)/online. The gameplay is similar to survival, however, it includes a wider variety of weapons & maps. Additional weapons & avatars can be obtained through microtransactions.

There is also a ranking or experience system in place based on multiplayer wins.

Final Word: Here we give you safe and secure link to download mini militia hack apk latest version. So, if you have any problem with hack version then drop you comment on this article or direct contact us. We try to solve your problem fast much as possible. Thak You.

Maps:There are 15 multiplayer maps in the game. They are Outpost, High Tower, Subdivision, Bottle Neck, No Escape, So Long, Lunarcy, Icebox, Snow Blind, Pyramid, Catacombs, Overseer, Suspension, Cliffhanger, and Crossfire.

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Mini Militia Mod Download Free latest version | Update 2017

Download Mini Militia Mod latest version Free | 2017

Download latest version of Mini Militia Mod from this article. But first, of you need to uninstall the official game. In this article, I will give you all mod version here. Such as unlimited health mod, Mega Mod, pro pack, God Mod.This Mini Militia Mod games also work for the non-rooted mobile device. First, see the installation process of the mod game.

A video for custom play or How to create the private server:

Installation Process Of  Mod Game:

  • First of all, uninstall the official game.
  • Then download the game mod from here.
  • now install it.
  • Now, Simply open it and Start playing.
We know that this game becomes a very popular game in today's time, Every people want to download it, But many people don't know anything about the mod game? Mini Militia mod is hack version of the official game which has unlimited health, one shot kill, unlimited ammo, and unlimited flaying power, unlimited nitro etc, and many extra hack features are available in the mod game. There are many mod version is available over the internet. Each mod version has different features.
Now after you know about what is a mod game, you are excited to download this game mod. I will give a link below to download it, So don't  wait to download it after reading its features.

You can play this game with your friends on WiFi network, but Sometimes you note that some player be still alive even if you have attacked them, yes it is possible because they use Mod game version.

Download Unlimited Health Mod Apk:

Many sites provide a link to download the mod game but, most of the sites provide an only official game, but don't worry I will providing you a direct link to download the Mod game.

Features of Unlimited Health Mod APK:

  • Unlimited Health(no one kill you).
  • All store items are Unlocked Free.
  • The Mega mod is free.
  • Unlimited Flying Power.
  • Unlimited Ammo and Nitro.
So Unlimited Mod apk is fully mod(hack) apk of the official game because it has the amazing features like Unlimited Health and Unlimited Flying Power with Unlocked Features.

To Download the Unlimited Health Mod apk click on below button.

  Mega Mod APK latest version 2017

Here I am providing download link for download mega mod for Rooted and Unrooted devices.but before downloading mega mod apk please read the features of it given below.

Features of Mega Mod apk 2016 latest:

  • One Shot Kill is a Best added feature(High damage bullets)
  • New maps are added in this version
  • New guns are added.
  • New shields, skins, and weapons are added
  • Now all store items are Unlocked(Free to use).
  • Added the Unlimited Nitro & Unlimited Ammo.
  • Transparent Bush.
  • Dual gun Bug is Fixed in this version.
  • pro pack is unlocked.
What is the difference between Mega Mod and Unlimited Health Mod:

Mega Mod has no features of Unlimited Health while Unlimited Health Mod game has Unlimited Health features.(Remain are same)

Click on below button to download Mega Mod game latest 2017

  Pro pack apk:

Download the pro pack mod apk from below download link but, first read the features of pro pack apk. 
Features Of Pro Pack:
  • Fully access to pro pack features.
  • Latest Version: 2.2.86
  • New HD-Graphics.
  • One Shot Kill Feature(High damage bullet).
  • Accessible to pro weapons and guns on the online game mode.
  • Get the rocket launcher and Sniper while playing this game.
  • All store items are unlocked free.
  • Unpacked the pro pack version.
  • Also, have Unlimited Ammo & Nitro
  • Transparent Bush added now.
  • Changed skins, trees, shield & weapons.
  • New maps added.
  • Also, Add new weapons and guns.
  • and Much more.
Click on below button to download Pro game latest 2017.

Download God Mod latest version 2017

Download the latest version of god mod game from this below download link.Install only one mod game at a time to work properly.

The feature of  God Mod: 

Unlimited ammo.
Unlimited nitro & flying power.
new maps are added.
new guns.
old bug fixed.

 Click on below button to download the latest version of god mod game 2017.