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Showbox App Download For Free Movies | Latest 2017

Showbox app for free video streaming 

Showbox app is one of the most viral, popular and famous apps for online video streaming with high-quality video standard. This app is totally free to use and there are no issues while using this application for online video streaming, This app user interface is better as compared to all other video streaming application. Here we will also give you Showbox app for all the format. Like Showbox for Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Pcs etc.

Recently new update of Showbox app is released in 2017. This update of the Showbox comes with the amazing new feature. As we already know the use of Showbox app. Showbox app is generally used for online video streaming. And also we can download any video with this application. Now this update introduces the audio streaming feature. With this feature, you can able to listen, your favorite songs.

Note: Showbox application update with Audio Streaming features. So go below to download the latest update for Android, iOS and Windows devices.


Here we also give you Showbox app for most of all the platforms like Android, Windows devices, iOS(iPad, iPod, iPhone) etc. There are many reasons to use the Showbox application. This application has amazing feature for video and audio streaming which makes it more popular and famous. You can also get latest movies trailer, TV shows, movies news like upcoming movies date and its reviews etc. So here below we are going to list all the feature of the Showbox application.

Feature of Showbox app


  • Free to use. No subscription needed.
  • Your favorite video like TV shows and Movies get updates daily or weekly.
  • Teeny size as compared to other apps.
  • An installation process is easy as compared to other apps.
  • Use for video and audio streaming.
  • You can get movies news.
  • Use without any issues.
  • Available for all the platforms.
  • High-quality video support.
  • Better user interfaces for streaming.
  • Easy to use application menus.
  • Download any video or audio file.
  • The better navigation bar to find anything easily.
  • Free video and audio streaming,
  • Easy to download any video with one click.
  • You can download any video as per you select video resolution.
  • Easy to find the video with the search bar.
  • Free to use all the features of the application.
  • No need to root your device.
  • You can filter your video with type, genre, year etc.

Download Showbox For Android.

Showbox is available in store for Android device, but as we say earlier APK file is better than the download the application from the store. Because it gives you backup and you can install the application number of times. You don't need to download the application every time. So click on below button for download Showbox for Android devices.


Download Showbox for iOS Devices.

As we say here we give the application for all the devices so, now here we are going to give you Showbox app for iOS devices. So click on below button to download Showbox app for iOS devices. You need to follow the installation process to install the application on your iOS device. So follow the installation process which is provided below.


Download Showbox for PCs.

You can also download and use the application file on your Windows or MAC PCs with the help of the Blue Stack Emulator. It is easy to use and download the blue stack emulator. Here we provide you a direct and safe download link for blue stack emulator. Once you download the blue stack emulator on you PC/Laptop then install it on your device. After successfully installing the emulator download Showbox application from above download link and enjoy the audio and video streaming on your PC.


Installation guide for Showbox App.

Here we give you step by step guide for installing the Showbox app on your device. Now first download Showbox app from the above download link. This application is also available on the store. But you can get the APK file of Showbox app from here. So it is better to download APK file instead of download the application from the store. There are many benefits to downloading the APK file. If you download the APK file then you don't need to download the application again if you uninstall it from your device. 

If you download the file from the store then you can install it only once. And if you want to install the application again then you need to download it again. SO it is better to download the APK file of Showbox app from here. Now here below we give you step by step guidance for install the Showbox application.

The first thing that you need to check on your device is that unknown source is enabled. If you don't do this thing that installation is not possible. So if you want to enable the Unknown source option then you can do this from the security option on the device.

After enabling the unknown source option. Click on the Download button to start the downloading process of Showbox App. Once the download is completed, click on the APK file and tap on next to continue the installation process. After Showbox app is installed successfully then you can access the application features free of cost or without any subscription. Click on the open button to enjoy the application for video and audio streaming.


Now you can enjoy the free movies, TV serial, Movies trailer and also enjoy the audio streaming with this update of the Showbox app. This application is best and famous as compared to other application because this application provides you a better user interface with easy to find navigation bar and also provide you filter option to find you favorite video and songs. You can filter your videos and audios with the help of filter option. You can filter video and audio by type, genre, date, etc.

The another advantage of using this application instead of the another application is that his application is free of cost. You don't need to pay the video and audio streaming. This application gives you free subscription with high standard features that are not available in any other free application. So this application is evergreen and best for audio and video streaming as compared to other application.

You can also able to download your favorite videos easily with the single click. Showbox app provides you single click facilities to download the video with many video standard. You can choose your video standard or video quality a per your need. These downloaded files are stored in your device inbuilt storage. You can easily find the downloaded file with the help of navigation bar.

The navigation bar of the Showbox application is designed such that you can find your video, TV shows, audio, movies trailer etc easily with one click. You can also get the news of movies or TV shows with the application. It also gives you upcoming movies news like release date, Star cast of the movies, reviews of movies, and many other things. It also gives you a notification on your device whenever the application updates the movies, TV shows, Audios etc. You can also bookmark your favorite videos for later view. You can find your bookmark videos fro navigation bar. The favorite menu is available in the navigation bar to find you favorite videos and audio easily.


Thus, use of the Showbox application is east and free as compared to the other streaming application. And also there are no issues with the application while you are using the application. Because application doesn't take your personal information. Even it doesn't ask your email address to enjoy the audio and video streaming. So Showbox is safe and free to use for audio and video streaming without any issues.

If you are facing any other problem with downloading and installing the Showbox application on your device then you can drop your comment here or also share your user experience and suggestion with us. We also give you updated file so if you want to get the updates then stay tune with us. 

Final word: our aim is to provide you the latest and updated Showbox application and not try to violate the policy of any organization or company. So if you want official Showbox app the stay tuned with us. And also share your user experience with the application video and audio streaming with us. And also share this article with your friends and family if you like.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Doodle Army Mini Militia Pro Download Update 2017

Doodle Army Mini Militia Pro Game Download:

Mini Militia is multiplayer free-to-play 2D shooting game which is available for Android and iOS devices. This game is developed by Apposmniacs LLC. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is first available for the iOS device only(since 2011) but now in March 2015 it was released for Android devices. 

Mini Militia game is available in two modes, multiplayer mode, and single-player mode. You can play this game with your friends through a wifi connection. In Multiplayer mode you can make combat with up to 6 players online or locally. You can also train yourself with survival mode and training mode(singleplayer mode). You can get this game from play store, but this can't be Apk file. So if you want to download the Apk file then click on below Download button. If you download the Apk file from here then you have one advantage. You don't need to download the file from the play store if you uninstall the application due to any reason. So download the Mini Militia Apk file from here.


You can download mini militia for Android and iOS device from here. And We also show you how to play mini militia on PC. Yes, you can also able to enjoy the game on your PC/Laptop.

  • Download Mini Militia For Android

Click on below button to download mini militia for Android devices. 


  • Download Mini Militia For iOS

click on below button to download mini militia for iOS devices(iPhone,iPad,iPod etc).


Features of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

  • Offline Multiplayer support via Bluetooth or Wifi.
  • Also, support online Multiplayer play via game center.
  • High damage weapons
  • Map world to find your opponent
  • Melee attack available
  • Also Team Battle
  • Game Weapons: AK47, shotgun, PHASER, Uzi, Magnum, M4, M14, Desert Eagle, Saw gun, SMAW, machete, MP5, grenades(gas, frag, proximity)
  • Power-ups: health pack, riot shield, and power boost
  • Zoom control on weapons to target opponent
  • You need to Purchase the pro pack to use all the weapons.
You can get free mini militia pro pack Apk from here. If you want something new with this game like, you have all control on your hand then you need to download the mini militia mod games.Mini Militia becomes most popular over the internet. Mini Militia mods are specially designed by the third party to crack the game like get unlimited health, unlimited ammo, unlimited gas etc. There are many hack version of mini militia game is available. Peoples try these mods to enjoy the games and get access to its all features. So here we are going to share all the mods of mini militia game.

I think you see that many times people can fly unlimited and it also still alive if you attack it. There are different types of mods are developed by the third party according to user requirements. Here we provide you all the hack version of mini militia game with you and also explain the features os all mini militia mods in detail.

Mini Militia Mods List:

Unlimited Mod
Mega Mod
Wall Hack Mod
Pro Pack

You can get all these above-listed game mods from here. First I am going to give you future of all game mods. So first check out the feature of this mod then download the mod as per your choice to prank your friends and enjoy the gameplay.

Mini Militia Unlimited:

You can play mini militia game like a boss with this mod. Yes, If you want to get all weapons and powers unlimited then you can download this mod. In this game mod you can get all thing unlimited like unlimited health, unlimited gas to fly unlimited, unlimited ammo. So if you want to get all the powers unlimited then download mini militia unlimited mod from below download link.


Features Of Mini Militia Unlimited Mod:

One shot kills guns(High damage bullets).
Unlimited health
Unlimited gas
Unlimited ammo
New maps
New weapons unlocked
Transparent Bush
Dual gun bug fixed.


Mini Militia Mega Mod

If you don't want unlimited health and you want to play the game with only unlimited powers then download mini militia mega mod. Yes, you get all the powers unlimited like unlimited ammo, unlimited gas, High damage bullets and much more. So if you want to get this feature in the game then click on below button to download mini militia mega mod Apk file.

Features of Mini Militia Mega Mod:

High power guns
Unlimited ammo
Unlimited flying power
Transparent Bush
Unlimited bullets(no gun reload)
Old bug fixed with this version.


Mini Militia Wall Hack:

This is one of the most popular game mod. With this game mod, you can target your opponent like a professional shutter. You have the power to target anything, anywhere. You target your opponent through the wall. Yes, you can this with this mod. To target the opponent you don't need to behind it. You can target from behind the wall and get more point and become mini militia pro player. So don't wait, go below and download your favorite mod from below. Click on it to download Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod and enjoy the game.

Feature Of Mini Militia Wall Hack:

Walk through wall
Target your opponent from anywhere
Get high power guns
Pro pack unlocked
Unlimited ammo
And also get unlimited gas


How to Change Background music in Mini Militia Game:

Now I am going to show you how to change background music in mini militia game. Here I give you step by step guide for how to change the background music. For that, you need to download APK Editor application From below download link.

Step 1: Download APK Editor application from above link
Step 2: install the application on your device
Step 3: open Apk editor
Step 4: Tap on Select APK file.
Step 4:  It will give you three option as shown as below. Select simple edit option.

              1. Full Edit
              2. Simple Edit
              3.Common Edit

Step 5: Now select your music and replace it with inbuilt music.

Enjoy the game with your favorite song.

How to Change Avatar in Mini Militia Game:

If you want to change your avatar in the game then it is easy to make a change. Now I am going to show you how to change avatar in mini militia game for that you need to download the APK Editor application. You can download it from play store. You can also download it from here. 

Step 1: Download the APK Editor Application.
Step 2: Open the application after downloading.
Step 3: Now tap on select APK file.
Step 4: Select mini militia game from there. 
Step 5: Then open the assets folder.
Step 6: Then tap on HD folder.
Step 7: Now there you can find the menutexture.png file.
Step 8: Now tap on save icon to save this png file.
Step 9: Now edit the file with any picture editor software.
Step 10: You need to take care while you edit the image. You can also replace this file with your edited image file.
Step 11: Now Save this menutexture.png file and enjoy.

If you face any problem while changing avatar then drops your comment in comment section. We give our best fast much as possible to help you. And also share your experience, after changing avatar and background music. We guaranty that you enjoy the game much more as compared to your past. If you like this tutorial then like our Facebook page and also share this post with your friends.

Mini Militia Custom Play with Private Server:

If are want to play mini militia online with your friends, then you can do this with custom play. In the custom play, you need to create your own server and assign a password to it. Then share your password with your friends to join your server. You can create your private server in mini militia free and easy. Here below we guide you step by step for how to create a private server in mini militia game.
  • Download the game on your devices
  • Open the game for custom play
  • Now select the multiplayer option
  • Then select custom option
  • It will show you list of available server on your screen
  • Select any one server from the list
  • After selecting server you can able to change your server name if you want.
  • Now, if you want to make your server private then it is possible for that tap on lock icon
  • From there set the password for your private server.
  • Now Share your Server name and password name to your friends who want to play with you
  • Now enjoy the game with your friends in your private server
If you want more detail about how to create a private server in mi militia then visit custom play Mini Militia.

How To Play Mini Militia On PC:

You want to play mini militia on PC. Then here we are going o show you how to play mini militia on PC. For that, you need to download the blue stack emulator. Blue stack emulator is free PC software that enables your PC to run mini militia game. A blue stack is American developed technology to run any Android app on PC. Here we give you a direct and safe download link for blue stack emulator. Click on below button to download blue stack emulator.

Blue stack emulator also works for Windows and MAC PC. Yes, you can also run any android app on MAC and Windows PC. So don't wait, click on below button and download blue stack emulator player. Also, Download MX Player and Share it app


Final Word: Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia was created based on game player suggestions & feedbacks. We love to hear your ideas and feedbacks so thank you and keep them coming! Thank You.

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SHAREit app Download Latest Version | Transfer & Share With SHARE it Apk

SHAREit Download

Share it Apk : SHARE it Apk is a file transfer tool, which uses for offline file transfer between any device like PC and Moble Phones. Using SHAREit app you can transfer any big file easily with any device. So here we are going to share the latest version of SHAREit app, go below for SHAREit download and transfer the file with high speed. There are many application available over the internet for offline file transfer. But SHAREit app is one of the best application to transfer file with amazing speed. Also, See GBWhatsapp


SHAREit App 2017:

What's new in SHAREit App 2017

SHAREit App is one of the best application for offline file transfer. This application is also available for Android, Ios, Windows devices and now it is also available for Windows and MAC PCs. You can transfer any type of file with SHARE it Apk. Like audio files, video files, image files or any other document files with high amazing speed. SHARE it Apk use your device wifi technology to transfer file. SHAREit app is mainly designed and developed for Lenovo device. But now it is available for all the devices like Android, Ios, Windows Phone as well as for PCs(Windows, Linux, and MacBook) etc.

With the help of the SHAREit app, the file transformation becomes easy for us. You can download the latest version of SHAREit App from this site. There are many version of the SHAREit app is launched like SHAREit 2.0, SHAREit 3.5 etc. Share it 4.0 and Share it 5.0 is the latest version of it for offline file transfer with high speed. You can also use this application with your PCs like Windows, MAC etc. Here we share all version of SHAREit app with you.

Where and how to use SHAREit app?

Share it app can be used with any devices like Android devices, iOS devices, tablets, PCs(Share it is also available for Windows10/8.1/8/7) and Share it is for Blackberry is also available here. So go below for shareit download. And transfer any big file within a seconds. Share it is high-speed file transfer tool which is available for most of all devices. 

Features of Share it:

  • Easy to transfer any type of file.
  • Transfer any file with high speed.
  • Connect any device easily to transfer files.
  • User-friendly interface. Easy to search any file in your device to transfer.

Download Shareit for Lenovo Laptop:

Shareit app is specially developed for Lenovo devices by Lenovo company. But now it is available for all the devices like Mobile phones, tablets, PCs etc. This application is also available for Windows and MacBook. Click on below link to shareit download for Lenovo Laptop.


Download Shareit app for Android:

You can get here latest version of Shareit app for Android devices. So go below to start your Shareit download. You can also get the share it app latest version from play store. 


Download Shareit app for iOS:

Go below to get the latest version of Shareit app for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. This application is developed by Lenovo company for Lenovo devices. But recently Lenovo company realize Share it for an iOS device. So don't wait, now go below for Share it download.


Download Shareit app for PC:

Share it is also available for PCs. Like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and also for Windows 10. As we know there is an alternative solution to using any application on PCs. For that, we need to download the Emulator. Which enables you to run any android app on PC. But in this can you doesn't need to download any Emulators such as a blue stack. Yes, Share it is also available in a .exe format for PCs. So you can easily use this application in your PC to transfer any type of files like image, audio, video, documents easily with high speed. So click on below link for share it download.


Download Share it for For Windows Phone:

There are many users of Windows phone in the market. So Lenovo co. recently release a Share it for Windows devices to transfer any type of files and application between to windows phones with high speed. This application has a good user interface and it is easy to use compared to other application available for Windows Phone. So go below for Share it download for Windows Phone.


Final word: Here we share the latest application of SHAREit app. If you are facing any problem then our organization not responsible for it. If you like this share it then share your feedback with us. Thank You.

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Download MX Player Pro Apk

MX Player- Best Video Player For Enjoy the Movies

MX Player Pro: MX Player is one of the most popular and famous video player. You can get amazing experience while using this video player. There are many other video player are available in the market like VLC Media Player, KM Player etc. But one of the most downloaded and usable Video Player is MX Player. This video Player is best for all of your devices like Android, PC, Ios etc.

MX Player has many amazing features that make it most viral and famous. And it also supports most of the all video format and gives you high-end video experience. MX Player compatible with all devices. Now that makes it user-friendly and provide you easy-to-use interface. Here below we are going to list some features of MX Player, Which shows you why this Player is most famous for video streaming. also, Download UC Mini


Features of MX Player:

  • Light size so it can be easy to install on any device.
  • Compatible with all most device and all videos format like AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG etc.
  • Provide you high video resolution (up to 1080p).
  • This video Player has easy to user-friendly and access interface.
  • It has a geasture feature to zoom in, zoom out the video, increase volume, maintain brightness etc.
  • Double tap to pause and play video.
  • Display battery percentage on top of the right corner.
  • Easy to forward and backward the video with the gesture.
  • Provide lock to stop gesture while you are watching the video.
  • Gives you many decoders like SW, HW, HW+ etc. 
  • You can use any decoder as per video format to increase the video experience.

Now here we give you MX Player for all devices one by one like MX Plater For Android, MX Player For Ios, MX Player For Tablet, and also give you MX Player for PC(Windows and MAC).

MX Player For Android:

You can get MX Player Apk for Android device from here easily. This video player is also available on play store. But if you want to download the MX Player in APK format then you can download it from here. This is for the Backup purpose. For example, if you download the application from play store then once you uninstall the application due to some reason then you need to download the application again. So we suggest that keep Apk file on your device to install anytime and it can be share with your friends easily.

Click on below button to Download MX Player Pro Apk.


How to download and install the application

  • You can also download the MX Player Pro from play store but it doesn't give you Apk file. So if you want to get MX Player Apk file then download MX Player from above safe link.
  • Now open the download directory and click on it. Tap on next to start the installation process.
  • It will take some seconds for installation.
  • Now open the application and enjoy the videos with MX Player.

MX Player For Ios Device.

MX Plater App is also available for Ios Devices like iPhone, Ipad, Ipod etc. You can also get it from the store but for backup purpose download the MX Player from below safe download link.

Click on below Download button to start the download.


MX Player For PC:

MX Player is developed for Android and Ios devices. It is officially not available for PCs. But don't worry here we have a solution for that. There are many Emulator are available in the market to run Android app on PC. Here we will tell you about this software. And also give you best emulator for PC to run Android apps. 

There are many Emulator are available on the internet to run android app on PC. Like ManyMo, GenyMotion, Blue Stack etc. Some of the emulators are premium. But here we give you free and best emulator for you PC.

Blue stack Emulator is free and one of the most famous emulator to run Android Apps on PC. Blue stack Emulator is developed by an American organization. Blue stack enables you to run any Android app on your PC. This Emulator is also available for MAC PC. So you can use this emulator with Windows and MAC PCs.

Click on below button to download Blue Stack.

Also see: Mini Militia

How to Download MX Player For PC:
  • First, download the Blue stack Emulator from above link.
  • Then install it on your PC.
  • Open the Blue Stack Emulator.
  • Now open the browser and visit this site.
  • Click on the link to download MX Player For PC.
  • Install the MX Player app on PC and enjoy the video.
Related search: MX Player download,  MX  Player new, MX Player HD, MX Player Pro.

Final Word: If you like this tutorial about hoe to download MX Player Pro Apk then like our Facebook page and also share your user experience of MX Player Pro Apk with us. And if you have any type of suggestion or query then drop your comment here. We will give our best to your query. Thank You.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

How To Download Videos From Hotstar App and Web | [100% Working]

Hello Friends, Today I come up with one trick that is how to download videos from Hotstar app and web. Hotstar is quite popular app that is developed by Star India in 2014. Initially this app was only for streaming of cricket videos. But after some times, it added TV serials, movies, series of serials etc.suppose if we want to watch video from anywhere and anytime than we must have to download videos from here we will demonstrate methods for how to download videos from Hotstar app and web so you can save video on your mobile and PC. 

As We know Hotstar is online service so to watch videos, movies etc, we require good internet connection.It consumes more data because contents are in high quality and provide good user experience.It also support different language. During official launch of this app, there was 50,000 hours of content including serials, movies in different 8 languages.

Hotstar itself also provide facility to download videos but you can not download every videos from official it might be possible that your desired videos are not available for download. Don't worry for this here we will demonstrate different method so you can easily download videos from both app as well as PC.

Steps To Download Videos From Hotstar App 

I will show you method so you can download any number of can download videos and watch later like YouTube offline feature. In offline feature you can watch videos later without internet.

Follow Below Easy Steps to Download videos from Hotstar app

  1. Download latest version of hotstar app.
  2. After download the app, launch the app and search videos that you want to download.
  3. Open video and check if there is download link is available or not.if link is there than simply press link, it willl show you different video format and different size.after selecting size and format,download will start immediately.
Downloaded videos is not stored in your phone but it will store on hotstar app as offline videos.

Download Videos From Hotstar On PC Using Command Prompt

Previous method was about download videos from app but here i will demonstrate method about to download videos from Hotstar on PC. This is easy way to download videos. Through this method you can download videos in windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Operating System. In this method you have to use some simple commands which are shown below.
  • Download Hotstar video downloader software from below link.This software helps you to download any videos from Hotstar.
  • After that you will get one rar first extract it in your PC and double click on hotstarlivesteamer.
  • When you click on that it will automatically open command prompt like Below.
Download Videos From Hotstar

  • Open Hotstar in your Browser and open videos that you want to downlaod and copy URL from browser and simply paste it in command prompt.
Copy URL From Hotstar

  • After that it will ask you to enter about quality in which you want to download videos.
  • After that type 'P' to play video or type 'D' to download video.
Download Videos From Hotstar

  • Downloading of video will be started and it will be save on download folder of file that you have extracted earlier. 

  Download Videos without any Software

Here I will tell about to download videos without using any kind of software and this one is very easy. Followings are some simple steps.
Download Videos From Hotstar

  • Hit enter
  • After that, it will ask you about quality of video you want to download so select quality and click on Generate Download link.
  • It will generate download link quickly and you can download by clicking it.
  • Done..
Final Words: Here I have provided best 3 methods to download video from Hotstar app and web.In all method you have to just follow simple steps to download videos.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Super Mario Run apk for Android Free Download | V 2.0.0

Easily Download Super Mario apk

Hi friends, Today i come up with most awaiting and famous android game that is Super Mario Run. I think all of you had played this game on the computer, laptop etc. But recently Nintendo Co. has rolled out Super Mario Run for all android device having android 4.2 and up version of android. So Here we will provide vital information about this latest application. Here we will provide secure download link for android so you can download without any kind of fear of virus.
download Super Mario Run apk

In official version of the apk, there is 2 levels are unlocked and to play more further levels of game you have to purchase the app. To unlock all levels you have to pay one time fees that is only $9.99.

Super Mario Run Description

This is very cool and new kind of game developed by Nintendo co. In this game Mario constantly move forwards and you have to control Mario through variety of jump to navigate. Mario will behave differently according to tap on the it is up to you to play smooth move, collect coin, and rich to the final destination.Interesting things about Super Mario Run is that there is no worry about small enemies because Mario can jump over it to perform some cool moves and get points.

Amazing Features: This is a game of kind that every one wants to download and play.As we know this game is product of nintendo, who has already published most popular and most downloaded game Pokemon Go.

High Quality Of Graphics:This game come up with high quality of graphics because high quality is one of the best quality of mordern game.

One Finger Control of whole system: This Game is endless running game and you can simply control(jump etc) mario by only single finger.

Many Interesting Level: In this game there is 2 levels are already unlocked and to play further you have to buy you can unlock further levels in the game.

Different 3 Modes of the Game

You can play three modes prior to app you can try following three modes and if you like then purchase app.Internet connectivity is required and data charges may apply while playing this game.Follwings are different mode and each one is explain in detail.

World Tour

In this mode you have to save princess from the Bowser's clutches and you have to travel through planes, some big buildings, castles etc.

This mode tells world tour because you have pass all 24 courses located across 6 worlds. all courses are very amazing and having lot of fun because to clear each course you can compete your friends by highest score and much more comes into the each courses.  

Toad Rally

Show your challenging move, compete with your friends or opponent and through big challenge to all over the world. 
This mode all about the challenges. There are different challenges each time you play.once you win against highest scorer you will get coin and get cheered by crowd of  toads.if you win the rally,the cheering Toad will come to live in your kingdom and your kingdom will grow.

Kingdom Builder

Gather as much as possible coin and toads to build your own kingdom.To make your own unique kingdom, combine and decorate buildings. numbers of buildings and decoration will increase as you get more Toads in Toad Rally.

super mario run for android

Guide For Download and Install Super Mario Run apk.

This is self-driving and controlling android platform game where Mario controlled by player. Following are easy steps to download and install most popular game that is Super Mario Run.
  1. Download Super Mario Run apk from Download button.
  2. Install it in your android device(i.e require 4.2 and up android version).
  3. Done.
  4. Open app and just follow instruction shown on the screen.
  5. sign in with google game account to avoid loss of saved game data.

Brief Description about Super Mario Run For Android.

Current version: 2.0.0
Required Android: 4.2 and up
Developed by: Nintendo Co.
In app-purchase: $9.99.

Final Word: 

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

UC Mini Download for Android, Windows and iOS

 UC Mini Dowlnoad

Hi, Today I am going to share the UC Mini Browser latest version for android, windows and iOS devices.UC Mini is a web Browser developed by chines mobile internet company UCWeb and is Owen by Alibaba Group of China. UC web browser launched in April 2004 as J2ME only. It is available on number of platforms like Android phones, Windows phone,Symbian, iOS, and BlackBerry.

UC Mini Browser

Article Summary:

Download UC Mini Browser for android.
Download UC Mini Browser for windows.
Download UC Mini Browser for iOS.
How to use UC Mini on laptop/PC or
How to use UC Mini on Windows.
How to Use UC Mini on Mac.

In today time lots of browsers are available like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera Mini and many other good browser are available for internet surfing and download usage, But UC Mini is one of the most famous and popular browser for internet surfing and downloading. In this post I am give you UC Mini For android and Windows devices, So go below for UC Mini Download.

How to Increase Download Speed Using UC Mini Browser:

Main features of UC Mini:

Tiny size:Small size apk take less space in your device.
Navigation Cards
Fast we browsing: gives yo fast browsing speed in low internet connection speed.
Night mode option for protect eyes and save battery.
Incoming Browsing option
smart and fast download feature
pop-up blocker.
Inbuilt download manager.

Detail Feature Of UC Mini Web Browser:

UC Mini With fast speed web surfing:

This is the main feature or reason why UC Mini Web Browser is used over world wide. UC Browser has  billion daily active users. Before release the UC Browser there are many browser are available in market like google and Microsoft web Browsers. But UC Mini becomes most downloaded and usage web browser in today time because of its fast surfing speed. In short UC Mini is most popular due to this feature.

UC Mini Inuit Download Manager:

UC Mini Web Browser has inbuilt download manager means it can't require any other application for downloaded file management and it manage easily all the downloading data. If you download any video or audio or any other file then just go on download section to find the downloaded file easily. In short UC Mini has this best feature for Download data management which makes it more popular.

Night Mode Support:

UC Mini Web Browser has night mode feature which enable you to use it while there is not sufficient light and it work not affect your eyes and take less battery. If you use night mode option then it will protect your eyes from extra lights and gives you batter experience of its use.This is a another main feature of UC Mini Download which makes it more famous and popular.

Full Screen Mode:

UC Mini Web Browser support the Full screen mode. When you play online game in UC Mini Web Browser it give you full screen mode which enable you to play game in full screen mode while many browser has not such feature available steel.Because of this feature many game lovers use and download UC Mini Browser.

UC Mini Own Cloud System:

In today 's time cloud computing is the latest technology in internet market which change the view of the storage system and provide large space for online storage. UC Mini Web browser use this cloud technology for their users to store user data or files. It has security support for the user data which protect it from malware or virus. And it also use cloud boosting technology for increase the web surfing speed.

Pop-up Blocker:

Pop-up add are the most difficult for any user. When you visit any website then it will automatic opens new website. UC Mini has solution for this problem. It has Pop-up blocker option which stop the extra pop-up ads so you can easily do you work without redirect and it will save your data and time.Pop-up blocker make UC Mini most popular.UC Mini Download is more because of only this feature.

UC Mini Browser is a fresh looking, Chromium based internet browser, that comes packed with all the benefits of Chrome browser, but UC Mini also has some unique features to make your surfing experience on the Internet both easy and fast with fun.

U-Disk for Online Storage:

It provide you upto 6 GB storage space for cloud storage. If you want to store your data files like video, audio, image of any other file in cloud system then UC Mini provide you cloud space to store your data online. After you put your data in cloud disk you can use this data from anywhere.

Quick access:

The quick access feature allow you to access many recent activities around the world. It give you all news like cricket news, Social media news, Bollywood or Hollywood news and many more types of news in your notification bar.UC Mini browser gives you updated news quickly to you.

Extra Features:

UC Mini Browser has one most important feature that is night mode. When you start night mode then it will decrease the extra light and protect your eyes as well also save your battery. UC Mini has one more most best and famous feature that is UC News, that give you current news of Bollywood, sport, adventure, and many other types of update news. It give you news quickly with updates.

UC Mini has one more Feature that is gesture. using gesture you can make use of it very easy and fast like switch between tabs, search fast with voice search option and many more. UC Mini run on any mobile device with minimum requirement with effective speed.UC Mini Browser is also available for android and windows mobile devices.

Why UC Mini Browser is a Most usable and Famous:

Now UC Mini Browser has 100 million active user daily users. In today time UC Mini is most downloaded browser in many country like Mexico. It has many compactors like opera mini etc, but UC Mini is Most famous and widely use Browser because of features.

What is the difference between UC Mini Browser and UC Browser:

UC Mini APK size is 20mb while UC Mini apk file size is approx 5MB.
UC Browser take space near 100 MB in device after install and UC Mini take only max of 20 MB.
UC Browser has many extra features while UC Mini has only important features.
UC Mini comes up with powerful download function.
UC Mini UI is different because of the small size of it. 
 UC Browser take many RAM space while UC Mini Browser need small RAM space

Feature of UC Mini Browser:

UC Browser use cloud accelerated and data-compressin technology to provide easy to use environment. 

Data compression, means it take less data.
Use Cloud System to improve the surfing speed.
Sharing: UC Mini is use to share webpages or any other content directly to social media.
More Security: Provide high level security to user data.

Minimum Requirement to run UC Mini Browser in android device:

android 2.2 or higher version

How to use UC Mini browser in PC/windows/Mac:

Now i am going to show you how to download and use UC Mini Web Browser in pc. To use UC Mini Web browser in your laptop/pc you need to just download the Bluestacks Emulator. Bluestack is Emulator for Windows and Mac Operating Systems like windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8 and windows 7 etc, Which allows you to run UC Mini Web Browser in your PC/laptop. Click on bellow button to download the Bluestacks Emulator for Windows/Mac/PC.

Download For Android:

 Download UC Mini For Windows:

Download For iOS:

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