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Doodle Army Mini Militia Pro Download Update 2017

Doodle Army Mini Militia Pro Game Download:

Mini Militia is multiplayer free-to-play 2D shooting game which is available for Android and iOS devices. This game is developed by Apposmniacs LLC. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is first available for the iOS device only(since 2011) but now in March 2015 it was released for Android devices. 

Mini Militia game is available in two modes, multiplayer mode, and single-player mode. You can play this game with your friends through a wifi connection. In Multiplayer mode you can make combat with up to 6 players online or locally. You can also train yourself with survival mode and training mode(singleplayer mode). You can get this game from play store, but this can't be Apk file. So if you want to download the Apk file then click on below Download button. If you download the Apk file from here then you have one advantage. You don't need to download the file from the play store if you uninstall the application due to any reason. So download the Mini Militia Apk file from here.


You can download mini militia for Android and iOS device from here. And We also show you how to play mini militia on PC. Yes, you can also able to enjoy the game on your PC/Laptop.

  • Download Mini Militia For Android

Click on below button to download mini militia for Android devices. 


  • Download Mini Militia For iOS

click on below button to download mini militia for iOS devices(iPhone,iPad,iPod etc).


Features of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

  • Offline Multiplayer support via Bluetooth or Wifi.
  • Also, support online Multiplayer play via game center.
  • High damage weapons
  • Map world to find your opponent
  • Melee attack available
  • Also Team Battle
  • Game Weapons: AK47, shotgun, PHASER, Uzi, Magnum, M4, M14, Desert Eagle, Saw gun, SMAW, machete, MP5, grenades(gas, frag, proximity)
  • Power-ups: health pack, riot shield, and power boost
  • Zoom control on weapons to target opponent
  • You need to Purchase the pro pack to use all the weapons.
You can get free mini militia pro pack Apk from here. If you want something new with this game like, you have all control on your hand then you need to download the mini militia mod games.Mini Militia becomes most popular over the internet. Mini Militia mods are specially designed by the third party to crack the game like get unlimited health, unlimited ammo, unlimited gas etc. There are many hack version of mini militia game is available. Peoples try these mods to enjoy the games and get access to its all features. So here we are going to share all the mods of mini militia game.

I think you see that many times people can fly unlimited and it also still alive if you attack it. There are different types of mods are developed by the third party according to user requirements. Here we provide you all the hack version of mini militia game with you and also explain the features os all mini militia mods in detail.

Mini Militia Mods List:

Unlimited Mod
Mega Mod
Wall Hack Mod
Pro Pack

You can get all these above-listed game mods from here. First I am going to give you future of all game mods. So first check out the feature of this mod then download the mod as per your choice to prank your friends and enjoy the gameplay.

Mini Militia Unlimited:

You can play mini militia game like a boss with this mod. Yes, If you want to get all weapons and powers unlimited then you can download this mod. In this game mod you can get all thing unlimited like unlimited health, unlimited gas to fly unlimited, unlimited ammo. So if you want to get all the powers unlimited then download mini militia unlimited mod from below download link.


Features Of Mini Militia Unlimited Mod:

One shot kills guns(High damage bullets).
Unlimited health
Unlimited gas
Unlimited ammo
New maps
New weapons unlocked
Transparent Bush
Dual gun bug fixed.


Mini Militia Mega Mod

If you don't want unlimited health and you want to play the game with only unlimited powers then download mini militia mega mod. Yes, you get all the powers unlimited like unlimited ammo, unlimited gas, High damage bullets and much more. So if you want to get this feature in the game then click on below button to download mini militia mega mod Apk file.

You can also check our post about mini militia mega mod apk unlimited health. 

Features of Mini Militia Mega Mod:

High power guns
Unlimited ammo
Unlimited flying power
Transparent Bush
Unlimited bullets(no gun reload)
Old bug fixed with this version.


Mini Militia Wall Hack:

This is one of the most popular game mod. With this game mod, you can target your opponent like a professional shutter. You have the power to target anything, anywhere. You target your opponent through the wall. Yes, you can this with this mod. To target the opponent you don't need to behind it. You can target from behind the wall and get more point and become mini militia pro player. So don't wait, go below and download your favorite mod from below. Click on it to download Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod and enjoy the game.

Feature Of Mini Militia Wall Hack:

Walk through wall
Target your opponent from anywhere
Get high power guns
Pro pack unlocked
Unlimited ammo
And also get unlimited gas


How to Change Background music in Mini Militia Game:


Now I am going to show you how to change background music in mini militia game. Here I give you step by step guide for how to change the background music. For that, you need to download APK Editor application From below download link.

Step 1: Download APK Editor application from above link
Step 2: install the application on your device
Step 3: open Apk editor
Step 4: Tap on Select APK file.
Step 4:  It will give you three option as shown as below. Select simple edit option.

              1. Full Edit
              2. Simple Edit
              3.Common Edit

Step 5: Now select your music and replace it with inbuilt music.

Enjoy the game with your favorite song.

How to Change Avatar in Mini Militia Game:

If you want to change your avatar in the game then it is easy to make a change. Now I am going to show you how to change avatar in mini militia game for that you need to download the APK Editor application. You can download it from play store. You can also download it from here. 

Step 1: Download the APK Editor Application.
Step 2: Open the application after downloading.
Step 3: Now tap on select APK file.
Step 4: Select mini militia game from there. 
Step 5: Then open the assets folder.
Step 6: Then tap on HD folder.
Step 7: Now there you can find the menutexture.png file.
Step 8: Now tap on save icon to save this png file.
Step 9: Now edit the file with any picture editor software.
Step 10: You need to take care while you edit the image. You can also replace this file with your edited image file.
Step 11: Now Save this menutexture.png file and enjoy.

If you face any problem while changing avatar then drops your comment in comment section. We give our best fast much as possible to help you. And also share your experience, after changing avatar and background music. We guaranty that you enjoy the game much more as compared to your past. If you like this tutorial then like our Facebook page and also share this post with your friends.

Mini Militia Custom Play with Private Server:

If are want to play mini militia online with your friends, then you can do this with custom play. In the custom play, you need to create your own server and assign a password to it. Then share your password with your friends to join your server. You can create your private server in mini militia free and easy. Here below we guide you step by step for how to create a private server in mini militia game.
  • Download the game on your devices
  • Open the game for custom play
  • Now select the multiplayer option
  • Then select custom option
  • It will show you list of available server on your screen
  • Select any one server from the list
  • After selecting server you can able to change your server name if you want.
  • Now, if you want to make your server private then it is possible for that tap on lock icon
  • From there set the password for your private server.
  • Now Share your Server name and password name to your friends who want to play with you
  • Now enjoy the game with your friends in your private server
If you want more detail about how to create a private server in mini militia then visit custom play Mini Militia.

How To Play Mini Militia On PC:

You want to play mini militia on PC. Then here we are going o show you how to play mini militia on PC. For that, you need to download the blue stack emulator. Blue stack emulator is free PC software that enables your PC to run mini militia game. A blue stack is American developed technology to run any Android app on PC. Here we give you a direct and safe download link for blue stack emulator. Click on below button to download blue stack emulator.

Blue stack emulator also works for Windows and MAC PC. Yes, you can also run any android app on MAC and Windows PC. So don't wait, click on below button and download blue stack emulator player. Also, Download MX Player and Share it app

Also check post about Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Pro Pack.


Final Word: Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia was created based on game player suggestions & feedbacks. We love to hear your ideas and feedbacks so thank you and keep them coming! Thank You.

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Doodle Army Mini Militia Pro Download Update 2017
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