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Mini Militia Hack Download With Custom Play latest 2017

Mini Militia Hack APK latest 2017 with Video Tutorial

Mini Militia Hack: Download Mini Militia Hack APK latest version from this article. Go below for the download link. Before downloading read it's featured. This mod has unlimited ammo, nitro, flying power, and one shot kill feature(high damage bullets for that use sniffer guns). In this article, I am also showing you how to create a private server for custom play with social group friend circle. Visit For 2018 Top PC Games Download.


Note: uninstall the previous install Mini Militia Games before installing this Hack version.

Mini Militia Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Health Mod + One Shot Kill Feature(High damage bullets) Also check: Mini Militia Mod Apk
  • Ultra God Mod Apk.
  • Pro Pack(Unlock all Store Item)
  • Mega Mod Apk
  • One Shot Kill Mod Game.
  • Unlimited ammo.
  • Unlimited Nitro.
  • and much more.
Video Tutorial For How to Download Unlimited Health Mod:

Custom Play With Social  Group Friends(Like Whatsapp, Facebook)

Now I am going to show you how to play Mini Militia Game with your social group Friends like Whatsapp, Facebook etc.Now a day this game become most popular and famous. Many People play this game online with unknown people. If you want to play this game with your friend circle then it is possible.  It provides you private server for this. You need to just create a social group and then create your own server. If you want to set a password to that server then you can. If your friends want to join the server then give your server password.

Video For How to Create private Room or server: 

 To create a server Follow the bellow given steps.

1. Create an online group in a social App(Whatsapp/ Facebook/ hike) with the friends you wish to play a game.
2. Make sure all of your friends are available online for play.
3. choose Multiplayer for custom play with your friend's group.

custom play

4. Then Tap on Custom option.

5. Now a list of available servers will be loading on your device screen.

6. Pick any one of the servers from the list(Select any one). In my case, I have chosen "Battlezone Kilo".


7. On selecting JOIN you will end up in a page where you need to host a new game.

8. Tap on "HOST" menu it will prompt you for a NAME of the game. 

9. Give any custom name which will be easy to share with your social friends on the social group. 

10. Once done you will now be able to see the game dashboard.

11. It's all set now. It's time to ask your friends to join the game. Just go to the social app group which you created with your selected friends and share the server name and the name of the game which you hosted.

12. Once everyone joins start enjoying the play with your group friends.

13. You can also set "Password" to protect your game from other players.

14. To do so, just tap on the Lock symbol at the bottom right of the game screen. Then enter a custom password for protection.

15. Then, you may share the password with your group friends to avoid strangers in your gameplay.

download btn

About Doodle Army 2: 

Mini Militia becomes a most popular and most famous game in today's time. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia (DA2) is a free-to-play 2D shooter game released for iOS and Android devices. The game was released for iOS devices on April 5, 2011, and on for Android device on March 18, 2015.

Gameplay-How to play Doodle Army 2:

Doodle Army 2 has three game modes: training mode, survival mode, and multiplayer mode.

     1.Training Mode:
In this game mode, the player gets training at Officer Candidate school by a trainer named Sarge.Sarge teaches the basics of movements, control & weapon usages with some targets and the use of rocket boots.

    2.Survival Mode:
In Survival mode, Sarge, the trainer brings the player into the battlefield where the player must defend themselves against weaponized robots with the help of Sarge. Various weapons can be obtained from destroying the robots, including the shotgun, Desert Eagle, Uzi, Revolver, MP5, AK-47, M4, M93BA, SMAW, machete, and frag, proximity, gas grenades.

    3.Multiplayer Mode:
The multiplayer PvP mode features both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cross-platform connectivity and supports up to 6 players in each server. Wi-Fi multiplayer can either be on a local area network (LAN)/online. The gameplay is similar to survival, however, it includes a wider variety of weapons & maps. Additional weapons & avatars can be obtained through microtransactions.

There is also a ranking or experience system in place based on multiplayer wins.

Final Word: Here we give you a safe and secure link to download mini militia hack apk latest version. So, if you have any problem with hack version then drop your comment on this article or direct contact us. We try to solve your problem fast much as possible. Thank You.

Maps: There are 15 multiplayer maps in the game. They are Outpost, High Tower, Subdivision, Bottle Neck, No Escape, So Long, Lunarcy, Icebox, Snow Blind, Pyramid, Catacombs, Overseer, Suspension, Cliffhanger, and Crossfire.

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Mini Militia Hack Download With Custom Play latest 2017
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