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Download Traffic Rider Game latest version For Android iOS WP | Official Update 2017

Download latest version of Traffic Rider games 2017

If You are come here to download the Traffic Rider Game then you are at right place. I am also list the feature of it. and also give you download link for android ios and also on WP platfrom.

Traffic Rider Game is now available for all mobile devices:

App Store: Download From App Store (For ios Devices)

traffic rider game

What's New in Traffic Rider latest version:

  • Added 2 more new bikes faster than ever!
  • Added 10 advanced new missions
  • Added "skip mission" feature to keep you going on
  • Added Hindi language and support
  • Various improvements and old bug fixes
  • AND MORE..
Traffic Rider Game is a first-person driving game where you get behind the handlebars of a motorbike and drive at full speed through a traffic. The game tracks are always be a straight highway, so while you overtake the many other cars, you do not ever have to worry for about sharp turns ahead.

The style of play this game is virtually identical to the Traffic Racer, from the same developers. You accelerate motorcycle by pressing the right handlebar and stop by pressing the left one. To tilt the bike from the one side to another side, just tilt your mobile device, an intuitive motion that is also a very well implement in this game. As usual, when your bike pass the another car, cut it as close as much as possible for more points (or to play for longer, depending on the game mode).

In Traffic Rider Game there are 20 different motorcycles to choose from. At first you can only able to use a low-power bike, but you will soon unlock larger and more powerful ones. The best part is that you can race them through many different places at different times of the day: early morning, noon, night etc...

Traffic Rider Game is a spectacular bike racing game in every way: it has many game modes, like dozens of bike racing events, high quality visuals, and, most the importantly, a gameplay that is perfectly adapted to touchscreens devices. Traffic Rider Game is one of the best motorcycle games on Android by far. Also see vanquish pc game download and download nba playground for pc 

Features Of Traffic Rider Game:

  • First person camera view available.
  • 24 motorbikes available to choose from.
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real the bikes.
  • Detailed environments with day and the night variations.
  • Career mode available  with 60+ missions.
  • Online leaderboards and the 30+ achievements.
  • Support for 16+ languages.
  • The faster you ride bike, the more scores you get.
  • When driving over the 100 km/h and overtake traffic cars close to it for get the more extra bonus scores and also get extra cash.
  • Driving in the opposite direction in 2-way gives you extra score and extra cash.
  • Do wheelies to get extra score and the cash.

Traffic Rider Game – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide 

traffic rider game

Traffic Rider Game is a new motorcycle highway-hooning game from the group behind Traffic Racer. In Traffic Rider Game, your goal is to complete the various missions, most of which involve motorcycling on the highway at ultra-fast levels of the speed, trying to avoid the cars and trucks and earning the both cash and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for the Traffic Rider Game!

Your method of controlling the bike is by tilting your Mobile phone to shift over to the left and right, and by hitting the accelerator and brake on the right and left side of the mobile screen, respectively. The brake is typically the underutilized part of your game, but you will need to use the brakes when all of the lanes of traffic are blocked ahead of the you and you have no any way to get around them.

When racing from the checkpoint to another checkpoint, time will be gradually run out. Each time that you hit the checkpoint, seconds will be added to the your timer. In addition, every time you do a close pass at over 100 KP/H next to the another vehicle, you will add 0.1 second to the your time. It does not sound like much, but these little bits of the time can majorly add up.

To earn the most cash as possible, spend as much time in the opposite lane as possible if you are on a two lane of highway. Rack up the your combo as high as possible by passing close to the cars, spend as much time over the 100 KP/H as possible, and finish as quickly as it possible. The better that you do at all of these things, the more cash or coin that you earn during a round. And of course, finish the race game.

You can upgrade it's speed, handling and brakes on your bike, although a generally, the best option is to usually buy a whole new bike. If you are stuck at a level but you are close to being able to good-afford a new bike, go back to an older level and play it again and again until you have enough cash to buy new bike. Or go to one of the unlockable modes of game, such as endless game mode or time trial, for even better opportunities to earn the more cash.

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Download Traffic Rider Game latest version For Android iOS WP | Official Update 2017
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