Thursday 13 May 2021

Where Student Can Learn Online For Mouse And Typing Test?

 Today every student wants to learn computer. But if they are not able to operate the mouse and keyboard efficiently then they can't go ahead. So today we offer one of the funniest games using which they can learn these things. CPS counters are most famous for the purpose of fast mouse click and fast typing test learning. 

Students can learn easily with fun. So this is one of the most famous great UI portals where they will love to surf it. And with this surf they can improve typing skills and mouse click ability.

What Are The Types Of CPS Counters?

There are mainly two types of CPS counter which are given below.

  1. Mouse Test CPS
  2. Typing Speed Test CPS.

Mouse tests are given with special and different time availability counters. Kohi click test cps are mainly for gamers who want to grow their gaming skill. Because this CPS counter helps them in learning the skill of fast mouse clicking. The alternative way of kohi click test is the Jitter click test. So the user can adopt anyone of this cps test to grow their game operating skill and grab a chance to become a pro gamer.


CPS is an online education portal where students can learn computer skills with fun. Graphical game type test is there that attracts the student for learning of typing test. So if you want to suggest it to any students then share it.

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Where Student Can Learn Online For Mouse And Typing Test?
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